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Vendor FAQ

What is the BuyBoard Purchasing Cooperative?

The BuyBoard Purchasing Cooperative is an administrative agency created in accordance with various state statutes. Its purpose is to obtain the benefits and efficiencies that can accrue to members of a cooperative, to comply with state procurement requirements, and to identify qualified vendors of commodities, goods, and services. The Cooperative also relieves the burdens of governmental purchasing by effectively using current technology and realizing economies of scale.

How is the Cooperative administered and governed?

The Cooperative is governed by a board of trustees that represent members from schools, cities, and counties. The board’s primary function is to govern the Cooperative and award all the contracts directly with no delegation of authority to staff. Because all contracts are advertised and solicited directly by the Cooperative, no lead agency is involved. The Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) administers and handles the day-to-day activities of the Cooperative.

Who can participate?

BuyBoard membership is open to all local governments, nonprofits, and other political subdivisions.  The following entities must be active, associate, or affiliate members of the Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) in order to participate in the BuyBoard:

  • Texas school districts including open enrollment and college/university charter schools
  • Educational cooperatives
  • Community colleges
  • Central appraisal districts

How do I become a vendor on the BuyBoard?

The first step is to register to receive e-mail notifications of proposal invitations. Once you receive your notification and respond to a proposal, it is presented to the Board of Trustees for awarding. If your company is awarded, you will receive notification of becoming an official contracted BuyBoard vendor.

How do I register with the BuyBoard?

Refer to the information on the Vendor Registration Information page. Complete the form and create a unique login name and password. You will be sent a confirmation e-mail after the information has been received. Whenever a new proposal becomes available for any of the commodities selected in your registration, you will be sent an e-mail notification.

How much does it cost to register with BuyBoard?

There is no cost to register with the BuyBoard.

How will I be notified of upcoming proposals after my company has been registered?

Whenever a new proposal becomes available based on the commodities you selected , you will be sent an e-mail notification directing you to the BuyBoard Vendor Website, where you can view proposal information. To view the contract expiration schedule, see the Contract Expiration Schedule.

How do I respond to a proposal?

Vendors can submit proposals electronically through an online submission application.  In order to do so vendors must be registered and have password access to the vendor website. If not submitted through the online application, the vendor can submit proposals in electronic searchable PDF format on a USB flash drive, cd-rom, or DVD.  Proposals are not accepted in paper copy.

Will you remove my company's name from the registration list if we do not submit a response to a proposal?

No, we will not remove your company from the registration list if you do not turn in a response to a proposal. To be deleted from the registration list, send a message to bids@buyboard.com and request that your company be removed.

How do I update my company's contact information or change which commodities I want to be notified about?

Once you have initially registered to receive proposal notices, you will use your login name and password to log on to that system to update your contract and commodity information.

My company was registered, but I never received a notification about a proposal.

For each proposal that becomes available based on the commodities that you selected, we send notifications out via mass e-mail. E-mail notifications are sent once to the e-mail address included in your registration. Failed e-mails are not followed up on.

How are companies awarded a BuyBoard contract?

All catalogs or items available for purchase on the BuyBoard are competitively procured and awarded by the Cooperative’s Board of Trustees.

Once my company is awarded a contract, how much will it cost me to sell through the BuyBoard?

There is a 2 percent service fee charged to vendors for each of their purchase orders transmitted through the BuyBoard. The Purchasing Cooperative will calculate those charges and will invoice vendors on a monthly basis.

My company sells pickup trucks. Will we be charged the 2 percent service fee as well? What if I sell truck parts? School buses? Ambulances? Fire trucks?

Vendors that sell vehicles are not charged the two percent service fee, but they must collect an additional fee for the administrative costs. On trucks and cars, there is a $400 fee assessed per purchase order regardless of the number of vehicles on the purchase order. However, if you sell vehicle parts, your company will be assessed a two percent service fee per purchase order.

Vendors that sell school buses and ambulances must collect $800 per purchase order from the BuyBoard member. For fire trucks, that fee is $1,500 per purchase order. The Purchasing Cooperative will invoice the vendor for the purchase order fee monthly.

How long are BuyBoard contracts?

Each contract is valid for one year, with a possible two-year extension, if mutually agreed upon by the vendor and BuyBoard. Therefore, most contracts last for three years. (See Contract Expiration Schedule for effective dates.)

Is there a website that lists proposals that are currently available?

To view the list of current proposals, visit our Current Proposal Listing page. Upcoming proposals are posted approximately 45 days prior to the proposal due date. When you are a registered vendor with BuyBoard, the e-mail notification will be directed to this same page whenever there is a new proposal for your commodity.

Is there a complete schedule that lists all proposals?

See Contract Expiration Schedule to view the complete proposal schedule.

Can I review previous proposal information that was awarded in the past?

After each contract has been awarded, the BuyBoard administrator will post a tabulation report of each proposal. See the Proposal Tabulations page for a list of all proposals and links to each report.

Do entities commit to ordering only from the BuyBoard by joining the Cooperative?

No, the BuyBoard is simply an alternative to entities wanting to buy already competitively procured products and services. A variety of products is available at discounts from manufacturers’ prices. Members can elect to do all their purchasing from these discounted catalogs or only purchase selected items. After becoming a member, entities choose how to participate, product category by product category, item by item.

What happens if we have a problem with a BuyBoard customer?

If the vendor cannot resolve the problem directly with the customer, vendors are encouraged to let Cooperative staff know.

What type of technical support is available?

A toll-free customer support number is available with technical support representatives who can answer questions regarding the operation of the system.

If you have questions or need additional information, please call 800.695.2919 or send us an e-mail.

If you have questions about submitting proposals, e-mail us at bids@buyboard.com.