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Advantages of Being a BuyBoard Member 

BuyBoard helps entities like yours save time and money when it comes to procurement. If you work for a school, municipality, county, community college, public university, or other public entity, BuyBoard is ready to help simplify the procurement process. 

Let our thoroughly trained team of cooperative purchasing experts show your entity what we can do. Greater efficacy, speed and purchasing clout is right around the cornerSo what are the top 5 reasons to choose BuyBoard? 


Members meet state and local purchasing requirements through the interlocal purchasing agreement. BuyBoard provides a documented audit trail for all awarded vendors which gives members peace of mind. 

Simplified Purchasing 

Vendors are competitively procured and vetted so members don’t have to go out for bid. We also have an RFQ tool within our platform so members can get quotes from multiple vendors at the same time. 

Competitive Pricing 

Combining the purchasing power of local governments allows members, big and small, the leverage to achieve better pricing through economies of scale and reduced administrative costs. 

Trust and Transparency 

BuyBoard is member-focused and member-governed by a board of directors and has been serving school districts, higher education, and state and local governmental entities since 1998. 

Choice and Value 

With a wide range of offerings from more than 90 contracts and 2,000 awarded vendors, members will find everything from pens and pencils to dorm furniture and stadium lighting on BuyBoard. Our vendors are diverse and range from small regional-based to large national vendors. 


We make membership easy. Once you have the necessary approvals from your entity, simply complete our online interlocal participation agreement to join. Governmental purchasing can be that easy.