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Member Advantages

Compliance and transparency

Contracts and vendors awarded through BuyBoard have been competitively procured, to assist members with compliance with Texas local and state procurement requirements and a documented audit trail. Transparency in the procurement process is treated with a high degree of focus and is of paramount importance. All vendors are treated on equal terms and are on the same plane of competition.

Member rebates

The Cooperative has a long history of issuing rebates to members inside the state of Texas. Since 2006, we have rebated just over $89 million to our governmental membership—a claim no other Texas-based cooperative can make. For the most current year 2021-2022, $9.8 million was rebated. The rebate is reflective of the program’s value, benefit, and nonprofit administration. All rebates are at the discretion of the Cooperative's Board of Trustees.

Value and choice

With a wide range of contracts available, members will find almost everything needed to support their organization. The BuyBoard philosophy has always been that members know best which products they need, and the choice of vendor is their decision to make.

Efficiency and cost savings

Because a competitive procurement process has been completed by the Cooperative, members may save time and resources that would have been spent on preparing and conducting a formal RFP. Besides reducing administrative costs, members reap savings through competitive pricing—plus, we offer member rebates! 

Request for Quotes (RFQ) application

BuyBoard’s RFQ functionality allows members to request pricing on volume needs from multiple vendors. This convenient and efficient process can be finalized in a matter of days, versus weeks or months, for a typical formal bid/proposal process.

Member governed

The Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) administers and handles the day-to-day activities of the Cooperative, which is governed by an 11-member board of directors, most of whom are purchasing professionals that represent members from schools, cities, and counties. The board’s only function is to govern the Cooperative and award all contracts directly with no delegation of authority to staff.  Because all contracts are advertised and solicited directly, no lead agency is involved.

Support of public education and local governments

BuyBoard was created to support and serve public schools, municipalities, counties, and all types of local government agencies and nonprofits. That support and service is evidenced in the list of organizations that endorse the program and in turn support their respective membership. Purchasing through the BuyBoard means your agency is helping to support the statewide organizations that support you.