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BuyBoard Rebates: Buy What You Need, Get Money Back

Rebate ChecksWith the challenge of flat or even declining budgets, departments like yours play a critical role in making every dollar stretch as far as it can. BuyBoard strengthens your purchasing power, streamlines your procurement process for products and services, reduces your administrative costs, and more—plus, we put money back in your budget.

The Local Government Purchasing Cooperative, also known as BuyBoard, offers the opportunity for Texas Cooperative members to be eligible for direct rebates based on purchasing volume during the year. The proof is in the numbers:

  • Since 2006, BuyBoard members have received almost $90 million in rebates.
  • More than 1,200 BuyBoard members are receiving rebate checks from 2021–22.
  • $9.8 million in rebates is being delivered from 2021–22 alone.

Become a member

We exist to support and serve public schools, municipalities, counties, and local agencies like yours. Become a member of BuyBoard. It’s free and easy.

How does the BuyBoard rebate work?

Earning rebates is simple. The more Texas school districts and governmental entities procure through the BuyBoard, the more money they’re eligible for at the end of the year.

  1. Make your purchases through BuyBoard.
  2. Indicate on the purchase order that a BuyBoard contract was used.
  3. Send the purchase order to BuyBoard. Purchase orders can be submitted through the BuyBoard application or by email. Multiple purchase orders can be submitted in a spreadsheet at the end of a month.

Remember: In order to be considered for rebate dollars, you must notify BuyBoard of your purchase.

Who is eligible for BuyBoard rebates?

Texas BuyBoard members, including:

  • School districts, charter schools
  • Cities, counties, municipalities
  • Other local government agencies

When are rebates delivered? Who do they go to?

Rebates are delivered to qualifying members by the end of each calendar year. They are mailed directly to whoever signed your interlocal agreement with BuyBoard. Rebates for the Local Government Purchasing Cooperative are not guaranteed in any given year and are approved by the Cooperative’s Board of Trustees annually.

How is the amount of the rebate calculated?

We’ve simplified our rebate structure so it’s more equitable and inclusive. By eliminating the complex tiered structure for calculating rebate rates, it’s our hope that you will find our rebate structure: 

  • More equitable. All members receive the same rebate rate, regardless of organization size.
  • More inclusive. Even more members will qualify to receive rebates on their purchases.