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Construction Solutions for Local Governments of All Sizes

New year, new construction projects. BuyBoard is here to help your city or county with building new or maintaining existing infrastructure. Achieving a balance between diverse priorities and limited resources can be tricky. BuyBoard hopes to help you and your staff strike that balance efficiently. 

BuyBoard contract 684-22 Construction, Road and Bridge, and Other Related Equipment provides products and vendors to help with some of the most common construction projects within cities and counties, like road, bridge, and water projects. We have awarded vendors who offer construction equipment rentals, so members don’t need to worry about storing and maintaining these products over time.

Need extra support in managing a construction project like this?

BuyBoard contract 660-21 Job Order Contract Gordian EzIQC allows members to contract out construction management and/or construction plans. No matter the size or budget of your local government, the BuyBoard team can help you determine a solution that works best for you. Browse awarded vendors for these contracts now.

Have questions about these contracts or the Cooperative? Reach out to us at or 800-695-2919.