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BuyBoard Contracts to Assist with Cleaning, Safety, and School Reopening

BuyBoard recognizes that this may be a difficult time for our members. In an effort to assist you, we want to provide some specific details on how to purchase deep cleaning and safety supplies through BuyBoard. These products are most likely in short supply, but hopefully this will help expedite your search.  

Disaster Recovery and Restoration Services contract (591-19)Cleaning supplies

Our Disaster Recovery and Restoration Services contract (591-19) offers structural and contents cleaning and restoration, HVAC decontamination and air duct cleaning, building deodorization, water extraction, and structure and content drying to help you with managing and recovering from disasters of all kinds.

Custodial Supplies and Equipment contract (649-21)

The Custodial Supplies and Equipment contract (649-21) offers a range of cleaning products, disinfectants, and toiletries, including hand sanitizer, for your custodial staff to use in maintaining the health and cleanliness of your facilities.

Other contracts

Log in to BuyBoard and view other contracts and some specific products, including:

Nitrile Gloves, N100, and N95 Masks, Medical-Grade Disinfectants and Sanitizers (some Medical-Grade Disinfectants and Sanitizers)

  • Contract Name: Public Safety and Firehouse Supplies and Equipment (603-20)
  • Contract Name: First Aid, Emergency Medical, and Athletic Trainer Supplies and Equipment (610-20)

Hand Sanitizer, Disinfectant, Toiletries, and Cleaning Supplies

  • Contract Name: Custodial Supplies and Equipment (649-21)

Building Maintenance

  • Contract Name: Building Maintenance, Operations, Repair, Supplies and Equipment (657-21)

Instructional Materials

  • Contract Name: Instructional Materials and Classroom Teaching Supplies and Equipment (653-21)


  • Contract Name: Technology Equipment, Products, Services and Software (661-22)
  • Contract Name: Software as a Service (SaaS), Cybersecurity Assessments Products and Services (607-20)

Please remember, many vendors may have these items on backorder, so we suggest contacting them and/or submitting an RFQ request to identify who is able to accommodate your order.  

Easy Steps for Procurement

  1. Log in to the BuyBoard and search for the contracts mentioned above to view the awarded items. 
  2. You may use the request for quote feature for competitive pricing from multiple vendors. Use the following “create RFQ” commodities when submitting your RFQ: Public Safety, Police, Fire, and EMS Supplies and Equipment, First Aid, Medical Supplies, and Equipment, or Custodial Supplies and Equipment.
  3. Issue your purchase order (PO) in the name of the awarded BuyBoard vendor; indicate on the PO “Per BuyBoard Contract #xxx-xx” and email it to