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How to Take Advantage of Job Order Contracting

The BuyBoard® purchasing cooperative provides members cost savings on products, services, and equipment. But did you know that we also provide an efficient method for contracting when you need facility repairs, renovation, and remodeling?

What exactly is a job order contract?

Organizations commonly use Job Order Contracting (JOC) as a contracting method for facility repairs, renovation, and remodeling projects. The job order contract can include maintenance, repair, renovation, or construction projects. Each project has specific task details.

Local governments use JOC contracts for recurring work with no set delivery times or quantities. Contractors receive awards based on pre-described and pre-priced tasks. If you meet the following criteria, consider using a job order contract.

  1. The work is of a recurring nature, but the delivery times are indefinite.
  2. Quantities are indefinite and orders are awarded on the basis of pre-described and pre-priced tasks.

Benefits of using JOC through the BuyBoard

BuyBoard offers an efficient method for contracting through JOC. Using JOC through BuyBoard has several advantages.

  • One contract covers multiple projects, which ensures continuity and simplifies the procurement process.
  • BuyBoard has already executed the competitive procurement process, saving time and effort from your team.
  • JOC projects can be completed quickly and cost-effectively due to pre-described and pre-priced tasks.
  • JOC contractors can hire local and minority/women-owned subcontractors, promoting diversity and supporting the local economy.
  • JOC projects are eligible for Texas BuyBoard member rebates.

How does the JOC process work?

To begin your JOC projects, identify the project and contact your preferred JOC contractor within the BuyBoard application. The contractor will review the scope of work and provide a detailed cost proposal. Once you accept the proposal and the contractor issues a purchase order or contract, the work will commence.

It's important to follow state and local requirements regarding bonding and insurance. Your governing body may need to approve any job, task, or purchase order that exceeds $500,000.

To ensure that your entity has satisfied state requirements for competitive procurement, BuyBoard must receive a copy of the purchase order. To consider the purchase a BuyBoard procurement, this requirement must be met. To find information on contractors and pricing, log into your BuyBoard account and search for the contracts you want.

Easy steps for JOC procurement as a BuyBoard member

  1. Sign in to your BuyBoard account and look for one of these contracts: JOC Energy Conservation and Efficiency (681-22), RSMeans (581-19), or JOC Gordian ezIQC® (660-21).

  2. Choose a contractor based on your specific project requirements.

  3. Issue your purchase order (PO) in the name of the awarded BuyBoard vendor; indicate on the PO “Per BuyBoard Contract ###‐##.

  4. Email the purchase order to


If you have any questions about JOC or the BuyBoard program, please contact us at or 800-695-2919.