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Contact BuyBoard

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our purchasing cooperative. There are a number of ways to contact us:

Phone: 800.695.2919
Fax: 800.211.5454
E-mail: info@buyboard.com
Mail: P.O. Box 400, Austin, Texas 78767-0400
Physical Address: 12007 Research Blvd., Austin, Texas 78759

BuyBoard service representatives

When you have questions about the BuyBoard, please contact the service representative for your area.

Central and West Texas

Name E-mail Phone Number
Melanie Clendennen melanie.clendennen@tasb.org 800.695.2919, ext. 2942
Jacqueline Spencer jacqueline.spencer@tasb.org 800.695.2919, ext. 2834

North and Northeast Texas 

Name E-mail Phone Number
Ben Coker ben.coker@tasb.org 800.695.2919, ext. 2946
Adam Quinn adam.quinn@tasb.org 800.695.2919, ext. 1099

South/Southeast Texas and El Paso


Name E-mail Phone Number
Ken Farmer ken.farmer@tasb.org 800.695.2919, ext. 2806
Stephanie Ferreira stephanie.ferreira@tasb.org 800.695.2919, ext. 2894
Vance Hamilton vance.hamilton@tasb.org 800.695.2919, ext. 2470
Cesar Lopez cesar.lopez@tasb.org 800.695.2919, ext. 2874
Angel Magallanes angel.magallanes@tasb.org 800.695.2919, ext. 2469

Key contacts

Name Title E-mail
Gerald Brashears BuyBoard Director gerald.brashears@tasb.org
Steve Fisher BuyBoard Cooperative Services Director steve.fisher@tasb.org
Sharon McAfee BuyBoard Administration Director sharon.mcafee@tasb.org
Arturo Salinas BuyBoard Procurement Director bids@buyboard.com


Public information requests

For public information requests, please contact:

Texas Public Information Coordinator
Mailing Address: 12007 Research Blvd., Austin, Texas 78759
E-mail Address: txpublicinformation@buyboard.com