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Purchase Order Process

Introducing BuyBoard Direct

BuyBoard Direct is a new way to purchase, providing seamless integration between BuyBoard and vendor websites. Some key benefits for members include:

  • Starting your purchase from within BuyBoard and shopping seamlessly on vendor websites
  • Reducing back-and-forth emails with vendors about pricing and product availability
  • Saving cart details, purchase requests, and orders automatically in BuyBoard
  • Cutting back on time spent researching and reporting transactions
  • Eliminating double entry or extra reconciliation with BuyBoard

Are you a Skyward eCommerce user? Skyward users experience all the same great benefits with the bonus of starting in the Skyward system.

Start shopping Direct now

Have questions about how to use BuyBoard Direct?

Reach out to your BuyBoard consultant, vendor@buyboard.com, or attend one of the upcoming member training sessions.

BuyBoard Direct Member Virtual Training Sessions (via Zoom)

Purchase Orders Dating Back to June 2023 are Now Being Accepted

We're excited to share that BuyBoard POs dating back to June 1, 2023, will be accepted until Aug. 31, 2024. Provide your organization with auditing backup. Submit your POs today!

Audit Your POs in the BuyBoard System

Review and ensure all your purchase orders have been documented within the BuyBoard system. To meet competitive procurement requirements, each purchase order must be documented. This provides your organization with auditing backup. Audit your BuyBoard POs by following the steps outlined below.

  • Login to the BuyBoard. Click 'Purchase' then 'Purchase Orders.'
  • The date range defaults to 30 days, so adjust the date range as needed.
  • Missing POs can be emailed to info@buyboard.com with a notation of 'Confirmation Only-Do Not Duplicate.'

Upon receipt, the BuyBoard team will load the missing POs into the system. Check back in a few days to confirm that any missing POs have been documented.

How to Make BuyBoard Purchase

Option 1: BuyBoard Direct

Option 2: Traditional BuyBoard Purchasing Process:

  1. Login at buyboard.com/login and search by contract name or number to view awarded vendors.
  2. Choose a vendor based on your specific project requirements.
  3. Issue your PO in the name of the awarded BuyBoard vendor.
  4. Indicate on the PO “Per BuyBoard Contract ###-##" and email it to info@buyboard.com.