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Joining BuyBoard Is Free and Easy!

The Texas Cooperative is open to all local governments, and other political subdivisions in the state that are authorized to be a party to an interlocal cooperation agreement under the Interlocal Cooperation Act. The following entities must be members of the Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) to participate:

  • Texas school districts including open enrollment and college/university charter schools
  • Educational cooperatives
  • Community colleges
  • Central appraisal districts

Membership is free and as easy as completing one of the appropriate membership agreements:

  • Local governmental entities (including open enrollment and college/university charter schools) or other political subdivisions located in Texas must complete the Interlocal Agreement (pdf).

While not eligible for Cooperative membership, TASB offers nonprofit, tax-exempt entities use of the BuyBoard through a nonprofit subscriber agreement.

If you are unsure about which agreement to sign, call us at 800-695-2919.

Email your executed agreement to membership@buyboard.com.

As soon as you join, you can begin using the BuyBoard—and start saving time and money!

If you are outside the state of Texas and interested in joining the BuyBoard National Purchasing Cooperative, please refer to the National page for more information.