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Bleeding Control Kits Now Mandatory for All Texas Schools: What You Need to Know

The Texas Legislature is requiring all public schools and open-enrollment charter schools to implement a traumatic injury response protocol, inspired by the national Stop the Bleed® program. Here’s what you need to know before the deadline:

  • The nationwide Stop the Bleed campaign is an initiative to increase safety and emergency preparedness by equipping bystanders with the tools and training necessary to save lives in the minutes that matter most.
  • Districts must comply with HB 496 by January 1, 2020. Districts must implement the traumatic injury response protocol, which includes:
    • Providing bleeding control kits in easily accessible areas of campus
    • Ensuring kits are used in district multi-hazard emergency preparedness plans
    • Providing agency-approved training to personnel who may be expected to use the kits. A Texas Education Agency (TEA) approved course on how to use bleeding control stations should be available by October 1, 2019
  • Bleeding control kits must contain:
    • Tourniquets
    • Chest seals
    • Compression bandages
    • Bleeding control bandages
    • Space emergency blankets
    • Latex-free gloves
    • Markers
    • Scissors
  • BuyBoard® now offers bleeding control kits. The BuyBoard helps you leverage your buying power to get competitive pricing from multiple vendors.

The full text of HB 496 is available on Texas Legislature Online.

Get your schools what they need before the deadline

  1. Log into app.buyboard.com/login and search for contract 530-17 First Aid & Athletic Training Supplies and Equipment to view awarded items under this contract.
  2. Use the Request For Quote (RFQ) feature for competitive pricing from multiple vendors. When creating the RFQ, be sure to include all the items required by Texas law for bleeding control kits, as many kits do not include all the specified items.
  3. Issue your purchase order (PO) in the name of the awarded BuyBoard vendor; indicate on the PO “Per BuyBoard Contract #530-17,” and email it to info@buyboard.com. Remember to notify BuyBoard of your purchase for audit compliance and possible future rebates.

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