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Awarded Vendors

We’re making updates to our promotional materials. Check back soon.

Vendors who have been awarded a contract have access to a variety of promotional materials.


In some cases, the first time that an eligible BuyBoard user hears the BuyBoard name, it is from you. We want your sales staff to be equipped with the information your customers need to help them decide if  the BuyBoard is right for them. We can send you an electronic version of a brochure/flier that your staff can distribute as needed.


Those of you who have an online presence can identify your company as an awarded BuyBoard vendor on your home page. The logo on your page could be set up as a link to the BuyBoard website, where customers can get more details.

Catalog labels

We also can send you, electronically, a label template so you can create labels to affix to your catalog or other materials. That way, when you drop off materials with customers, you’re letting them know they can purchase your products on the BuyBoard site.


Whenever your advertising will reach customers who are eligible to purchase on the BuyBoard, use the BuyBoard logo and identify yourself as an awarded BuyBoard vendor. Showing eligible users how many of their vendors participate on the BuyBoard helps them see that BuyBoard is an excellent option for one-stop shopping.


Signage is another place where a BuyBoard logo lets potential customers know that BuyBoard is available for their purchasing needs. We also can send you signage for your display booth, identifying you as one of our BuyBoard vendors.